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Structural Beam Fabrication Line

Automatic Welding System

The Structural Beam Fabrication Line produces structural straight, tapered and "I" section steel beams. The Structural Beam Fabrication Line consists of Automatic Welding System Model AWM-102 Welder, Seam Welder, Tacking Fixture and conveyor sections.Work is fed through the stationary Welder, where horizontal web and vertical flanges are solidly and accurately positioned, guided and simultaneously welded with one pass of submerged arc from the same side of the web. Due to absence of relative detrimental motion of the welding nozzles, welder provides uniform welds of quality, demanded by construction codes.

Upon starting, welder goes in to automatic mode, when sequence of operation, and welding parameters are controlled by PLC.

High-quality welds, even at high speeds.

We've made speed and quality compatible through an exclusive fixturing system that assures accurate orientation and eliminates time-consuming manual clamping operations. Located before the main welder and resting on a firm foundation, our stationary fixture positions the web and flanges accurately and solidly. The leading edge of the beam is oriented and clamped automatically. A tacking fixture positions this edge vertically and horizontally, then squeezes the components together for a manual tack weld. After the manual tack weld, the joined web and flanges are moved by a power conveyor to the main welder.

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